Followers 0. For example driveshaft length differences between the Legacy and Impreza might be a hangup for swaps. I'm not aware of Subaru offering a 4.44 final with the 6 speed (OEM). Now in California Stationed on Camp Pendleton. Which is what everything I've read has said...but idk why P&L would say this and say that they do it frequently with success. This car will not be tracked. Hey all! My Ver 6, Type-R 5 speed has 4.44 final though. I'll list a few common configurations and parts lists. I think your oil seal numbers are incorrect for the male 6MT transmission; you have the same number twice and I thought the right and left were different. $4450, I need help fast with 6 speed swap, clutch wont release all the way. I know that there are different combos and different parts that can be used to do the swap. I'm now having to row 5th gear in the 1/4, and the gears are shorter and snugger to each other which doesn't help big turbo land out. I'm not aware of Subaru offering a 4.44 final with the 6 speed (OEM).

They tell me I can use my stock 2007 R160 3.70 rear diff with the 2007 6mt and that they prefer using it over the 3.54 R160...this through off my whole groove. Updated with final drives and a little more organization and detail. For a different year, you'll have to order the provided part numbers from a Subaru dealer. If you're conquering a 6MT swap, dropping in a front diff isn't too much further of a dive on a 5mt. It will probably end up being sooner rather then later. nice write up on the difference in transmissions. Copyright ©1999 - 2019, North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club, Inc.,, The 2008+ sti 6 speed trans swap thread - the facts and parts needed for the swap, 6 speed swap question! YOU ROCK! My car is a daily driver that does hauling duty, but I want it to be fun and enjoyable to drive as well. JDM 2006-2007 Version 9 TY856WB7KA Subaru STi DCCD Complete … Instead of starting a new thread, I thought I'd ask this question here. Include the Legacy turbo as having a pull clutch with 3.9 final and LSD. 99lego 13 99lego 13 USMB Regular; Members; 13 126 posts; Oregon; Posted November 7, 2013. You need the 6MT drive shaft for the first list, it's listed below the shift linkage. We’re the best Subaru Forester Owners Forum to talk about the best years of the Subaru Forester, modifications and reliability history of the Subaru Forester. i wish it was that easy too, and if it were i'm sure we'd see a lot more ppl riding the 6 speed bandwagon. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You're talking 1/4 mile here though. Well damn! JavaScript is disabled. Awesome source of good info. there seems to be no real parts list, just different stuff that was used.... Can I just swap in the 6 speed non DCCD tranny, compatible clutch, and rear differential?

Thread starter Imran ... As above, I need some advice/info on a 6 speed conversion I’m planning to undertake on my version 2 Sti RA. lets see how long my engine last! You'll get a lot of the benefit for minimal cost. A Complete Low Mileage and Clean JDM Version 9 STI TY856WB8KA 6mt Transmission Package With The Front Helical Limited slip differential with 5x114.3 STI Hubs and Brembo Calipers for sale . SOLD. It's not been spelled out because like the WRX; there's 15 different ways to do it, just about everyone has done it slightly different. You can use a 4eat gc shaft if you are using an r160 (option 3). DS1 Motorsports: Great start! Interesting thread with good information. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Seal part numbers are fixed, thanks guys. I've been reading stuff scattered around various threads for a few days now.

sadly no. Master 6 Speed Transmission Decoder Ring - NASIOC, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada.

I guess I really didn't think through the whole swap process completely.

-6 speed shifter and assembly****-6-speed clutch fork and slave cylinder for 2007 sti R160 rear diff (02-05 wrx) 6 speed clutch and flywheel Circlips from 2004 sti, oil seals and axle stubs 1st: 3.636 2nd: 2.375 3rd: 1.521 4th:1.137 5th:0.971 6th: 0.756 reverse - 3.545 final drive ratio - 3.90 JDM 07 Sti 6 speed-transmission-driveshaft Your stock is 3.70 and will not work. Thanks! ThreeEleven- You are the second guy they have told this to. csp had a reasonable question: what's the cheapest way to do a 6 speed swap? fraktal, don't get me wrong, I agree with going big or going home, and I too have yet to do an engine mod, but have a 6 speed ready to go in when I move back to CA. Swap Finished...... yeah, boost is fun. for the male tranny with stubs sticking out. PLEASE, make this sticky. Thanks. 3.54 cars had a 1.1:1 dropdown in the transfer case to match the F&R gearing (3.90 actual). The 5MT axle stubs are different from the 6MT stubs. I went to the link on NASIOC about swapping a 6 speed into a WRX but that is a WRX not a Forester. No problem. Plus everyone wants a 6 speed, cuz it looks cool. I figured I'd start this thread to catalog the different six speed swaps and configurations available to the GC8. 5MT; XT; Forester; Legacy; 6MT; 3.9; 4.11; 4.44; 6 speed; swap; Recommended Posts. I've been … I've read through the 6 speed swap sticky and there seems to be no real parts list, just different stuff that was used. My Ver 6, Type-R 5 speed has 4.44 final though . Haha. Basically the same as pre 08 swaps? Good number of WRX guys did the OBX front setup. I would like you to make this less Impreza centric as they aren't the only Subarus getting 6 speeds. This essentially converts your '05-'07 female transmission to a male transmission that will mate to GC female front axles. Don't mind me then! Doing it piece meal is going to cost you more in the end and frustration searching for the individual parts.

And thanks for the trans code link, I added that to the post, Subaru Impreza GC8 & RS Forum & Community. Give me some gas monies and we'll bust it out in a weekend. It is wrong, if you have an 06' or 07' 6mt you will need a 3.54 rear end. ^ Agree w/ fraktal. If you want your gears spaced closer together the 6 speed may be good (and faster) depending on the course/application. I hold the same stance on going to anything bigger than a VF series turbo; you start running into a lot of investment and other issues beyond one. Talk about how the early rear differentials have female axles while later units have male axles and that swapping the carrier is an easy way to change the type of axle needed. Help! Yea it's kind of like lego's and you'll get through it eventually, but I've seen skads of car projects that go astray, people end up getting sick of the car, go buy something else and loose their butt on a project because they bit off more than they can chew. So, I call P&L the other day to make sure the list I have includes everything I need. Plus breaking piece by piece down the road becomes no fun. Clutch/Flywheel/Pressure Plate/Slave cylinder notes: Provided your JDM 5 speed trans is a pull type clutch, you're correct. To the best of my knowledge, all 6 speeds had a 3.90 front diff and the rear varied between 3.54 or 3.90. Fuuuuu read it 3 times too and still missed it! And unless you really need it, then I'm going to try and steer you clear. If you're putting power down, than you need the full deck of cards. ^^ True story, that's what I'm running =), And that's what I plan on running. SOLD. (ill think of more with time). It's my understanding that the 08+ WRX, like the 08+ STi, doesn't have the VSS on the front differential. Let's talk 6-speed swaps .

I was just thinking about doing it for fun like I previously stated and to also have a project. You have to have 3.54 rear gears for 07 sti transmissions - you have 3.70's.. The stubs only come standard with the '04 STI trans. And as you point out, if I'm dropping 3,500 on just a trans, just drop the remaining bones and make it happen (go big as you suggest). What parts are needed to do a 6 speed swap into a 2004 Forester XT? Yes, the axle stubs, seals, and circlips actually go into the transmission to allow you to use the female axles. Due to the constant asking of the same questions about 6 speed swaps into different year car I've decided to put together a thread out lining the parts and misc info needed to complete a successful swap. JavaScript is disabled. If not where can I acquire some i'm looking to do the same thing! From EVERYTHING that I've read, I'm needing a 02-05 R160 rear diff to mate to the 3.54 rear end on the 07 6mt. ?. A forum community dedicated to Subaru Impreza GC8 and RS owners and enthusiasts. I'll add a note to that. *Note: Depending on the transmission you are swapping in, you may need to purchase axle stubs, seals, and circlips to mate your female axles to your female transmission. ^ As Fraktal and I point out, if you're actually needing the 6 spd, that means you're putting some power down.

Hardrvin, I am glad you are semi local as when we undertake this project I will be call you! '08+ STI 6 speed transmissions: 08+ STI transmissions are slightly different to swap into an older model (GD's included) because they don't have vehicle speed sensors for the older ECU's and speedometers, and the newer ECU's and speedometers instead rely on the CANBUS system to relay a speed signal from the ABS sensors. Okay, so I've been reading and researching for the past few weeks about doing a 07 6mt into my 07 WRX. I know this question has probably already been asked but I couldn't find a clear answer. Subaru Impreza WRX Help & advice . (have read all faq's and relevant threads), Brand New Complete 07 STI 6 Speed Swaps for WRX, all necessary parts included!

Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, troubleshooting, turbo upgrades, maintenance, and more! I do not plan on ever drag racing the car, probably won't autocross it, and probably won't ever track it except for the novelty (I have a dedicated play car set up much better and is more rewarding to use at the track). Let's talk 6-speed swaps Sign in to follow this .

Do these stubs normally come with the transmission? Every time a brotato wrecks a WRX, a GC gets its wings. I'm sure I came off as a bit of a jerk as well, but it's a big undertaking to do a 6spd.

seems silly to keep a viscous limited slip in the rear with the r160 if the purpose is to have the better handling characteristics of ALL the sti differentials. yes, this information is helpful, but there are other threads detailing 6 speed swaps - why not just make one comprehensive swap thread, lock and sticky it??? By 99lego, November 7, 2013 in 1990 to Present Legacy, Impreza, Outback, Forester, Baja, WRX&WrxSTI, SVX. JDM Subaru Impreza STi Version 8 TY856WB3KA 6 Speed Complete Package with DCCD, Diff, Brembo Brakes, Subframes, Etc.

And 2K is a little steep for a front LSD. 6 speed conversion advice. Include information about many 4eat with a 2.5 liter being 4.44 final (Outbacks and RS for example). I came across it as I continue to do research and learn about how to achieve my goals for improving my forester.

^^ yep, wagon and forester only from what my info shows. im ready for the swap next month!, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. To which, unless you get your hands on an '07 STI or LGT Spec B w/ long gears, your Foz will be SLOWER. Axles!

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