Like I said grow a set people. Get real….. How could BTW LLC refund $ when they were not allowed to talk to any of the participants? There’s so many viewpoints on this post that I would auto-pay my 6 month renewal to listen and then read all of this. And worse of all you’re both a pair of grasses, i hope the poachers kick your backsides! I think these guys need to be exposed to public for their shenanigans. When the BLM guy was talking about making it worth their time, he meant he was looking for a payoff.

The constitution is a joke anymore. Count on it, just look at some of the comments. Remember this incident when your undecided about joining the NRA or any other 2nd amendment watchdog.

Wes does not owe anyone an apology or opinion on this matter. The Govt laid the groundwork for The Big Thicket’s “customers” to sue them for services not rendered. Thank you for saying what you did.

First time posting. Tell me your afraid of some darn monkey and I will buy the beers after that loud mouth furry stupid monkey is hanging from a meat pole. Although I have no access to BTW funds, I feel morally obligated to make sure the right thing is done and I will do what I can within my power to try and remedy this. Just contact me. Now I myself have had run ins with the DNR on issues like state land vs private property. This land belongs to the American Public.

?? What happens to the next person hiking the Lonestar Trail or the family camping in a primitive campground?

It was all a BLUFF even lawyer’s said it was BS!! I can understand if you don’t have evidence of sasquatch, but if lately you’re encountering the law more than sasquatch, I’d think someone could get something, even if it’s just audio.

Lawyers will take your money they don’t care.

Just like the Rangers said: “Any size group is welcome in the park – just as long as no money is being made.”, and “You can do what you want on private land, as long as the owner allows it.”.

FS – Where besides in Hillary’s world, “it takes a village to raise a child,” does it say anyone should be required to control how seriously others they take their responsibilities?

If you did not receive a refund or have any concerns, please email me or call me. You can contact me any time, I will always be there for you. Folks are encouraged to go out and get their own in which case in the course of time you will realize that your evidence typically only confirms your own research findings and hunches.

Actually, I’ll probably just stomp it into the mud after ground checking it just like he was one duck over the limit. I was thinking same on demanding to see a Judge they are bully’s when you stand up to a bully they back down or don’t expect you to stand up to them. Also, the fact that there tend to always be multiple individuals in the areas that we investigate changes the game when you consider what will happen after a shot is taken. You had between 14 and 25 people at this site. Can’t the government be sued? Taken on federal land? Sasquatch toddlers/children playing together?? Your doing an awesome job Wes keep it up brother. ? Story goes – torn up camp with dead guys out in the sticks of the Big Thicket . With the number of “researchers” and “experts” jumping on the Bigfoot bandwagon, and charging people to visit these parks, Rangers and BLM employees MAY BE cracking down upon those involved.

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