She reached up and turned his head back to her. He asked softly through her coppery strands. She settled there, nibbling and licking his skin. He realized he must have fallen asleep. "She's been dead a long time Professor" I mutter as I stared down at the Stalker. I feel myself shaking, at first I'm not sure why but I soon realise I'm shaking with anger. She bit her lip to stifle the moan that tried to force itself out of her as she became aware of a sudden dampness in her crotch. Hester inhaled sharply in surprise, but let it out slowly as new warmth spread through her. Hester began to writhe in Tom's arms, pleasure flowing through her veins. His throat was suddenly dry. I step forwards and place my hands down onto the metal surface. Tom tired to smile for her, but it came out pained. He fervently hoped she couldn't see it. I find myself praying that Pennyroyal returns, that he takes you away from that place, away from me and you can start a new life somewhere quite, somewhere peaceful like you deserve. Tom sighed, and Hester lay back down onto him again. "You're not the only one who got some "training." Her shirt felt tighter as well, so she unzipped her flight jacket. She continued for she wasn't sure how long, lost in a fog of pleasure and sexual need. Hester and Tom. "I won't hurt you.". Tom drew back slightly to let out a gasp, which lasted all of two seconds before Hester claimed his mouth again and, taking advantage of his surprise, forced her tongue into his mouth again. But this is it. The two of them stood like that for neither knew how long, simply enjoying the feel of each other and the extreme unlikelyness of their romance. Don't stop." Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,632 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 3 - Published: Hester's self-reflection between Mortal Engines, and Predator's Gold. "Do you know-" Tom began. {Sweet, fluffy, angsty Oenone/Naga.}. she asked, smiling seductively and tugging the pullover down further so it stretched tighter over her skin. Tom jumped into movement, following a series of motions so familiar it was more a dance that anything else and they preformed it flawlessly, despite the distractions their bodies were giving them, which seemed to grow with each second that passed till launch. But at least he still had Hester. I stand there totally still, trying to work out whether my mind is playing tricks on me. She broke away from Tom just long enough to grab his shirt. The fact that pullover now clung to her breasts, their nipples hardened and pink with arousal, and the damp area between her legs didn't help much either. Following London's crushing victory when fighting the Arkhangelsk at Dry Ships Hill, other cities look to be following suit. "I don't care" you sigh gently as you lean up on your toes to place a soft kiss on my cheek "As long as we're together" you whisper. After everything we've been through together, every danger that had come out way we'd both managed to come out of it when by all rights we should have died a hundred times.

In truth, though, he wouldn't have reacted even if he had been able to. Tom suddenly realized the ache between his legs had gotten almost painful. "I want it.". She released Tom, who (after standing still for a second) literally ran down the ramp and out onto the strut, jumping the last couple inches from ramp to deck. Tom moaned as well, softly molding Hester's silken flesh, moving his hand around a little to feel the rest of his prize and feeling Hester's hardened nipple slide along his palm. She seemed almost close to tears. Since his childhood, Tom Riddle dreamt of a being that terrified his little heart. You let out a wail as you almost fall onto me, holding me tightly as you bury your face into my neck, sobbing and crying into it. But it was turning out that he was as dominant as she believed herself. She said simply. My whole body seems to go cold as I hear that voice from behind me, soft and slightly afraid. But I need to see you; I have to see you one last time.

"You almost done?" She was late. "Easy, Townie boy." Beside…she thought. Her eyes settled on his now-visible erection, and she licked her lips in content. Hester quickly left, sliding out of the room like a wraith, stopping just long enough to wink at Tom. The first thing that draws my gaze is your hair; it almost glows in the light, your long coppery strands of hair gently blowing in the wind just like they did on the Jenny. This is the Sunless Country; I wasn't sure what you did here. She could feel the hardness of him pressing against the walls of her slit, surging with blood and barely-contained intent. I feel your warm lips press against mine one final time, wet with your tears but it doesn't bother me. It's almost time. "Don't worry Tom." "Did you enjoy whatever it was? He felt his eyes roll in pleasure, and his hips moved on their own. Hester smiled, enjoying herself immensely. Outside the window, a cloud quickly scuttled across the moon. He pulled himself closer to Hester, gently wrapping his arms around her back and waist as she did the same to him.

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