Grover is a Hindu and Sikh surname. Chopra is a surname borne by Hindus and Sikhs. The last name Rao is popular in Orissa and other western states of India like Maharashtra, Goa, and Andhra Pradesh. Ranganathan is a Hindu last name meaning ‘lord of mirth’. Parekh is the variant of the name Parikh. Dayal is the surname of Kayastha community. They really help me out. Masan, Maswan, Mat, Matu, Megal, Megla, Mekan, Menas, Meri, Mermalha, Mesar, Metla, Miana, Mitru, Mochani, Mochhar, Mohal, Mond, Mondah, Mondi, Month, Mor, Moran, Morare, Motha, Mula, Mundtor. It means ‘the learned one’. Read on! Kamboh Sikh Subcastes.

In Assam and Bengal, the surname Datta belongs to the Kayastha caste. You will find many Punjabis with this surname. It is also a given name in Kerala. CHIMBA, DARSI, TAANK-KSHATRYIA AND HALVYI SURNAMES: G: Gill(M/L), Ghatora, Ghaiwal, Gata-Aura, S: Sahota(M/L), Samara, Sandhu(M/L), Sidhu(M/L), Shergill(M/L), Summal, Summan, Gurudwaras Built By Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Burman is a Rajbanshi surname for Sanskrit word ‘varman’, which means ‘protection’. An Extensive list of Jatt surnames and other sikh 1. It is based on the name of the clan in the Khatri community. It is now a popular surname among both Indian Muslims and Hindus. It is also a Jain and Gujarati name meaning ‘merchant’. Dhillon is a Sikh or Jat surname. The last name Sachdev is based on one of the clans in the Arora community. Aheer. Pontah, Pote, Puni, Punia, Punn, Punnun, Purahwal, Puriwal. Hope you find our article informative. Before long those low caste families using ambiguous surnames were once again segregated. The surname is derived from Sanskrit word Bhasin, which means ‘sun’. The surname Madan comes from an ancestral personal name Madan. The surname Bhatt is based on the name of a subgroup of goldsmiths in Punjab. W: Wabah, Wadah, Wadala, Wadhwa, Wag, Wagan, Wagar, Wagh, Wagha, Waghmal, Wagi, Wahal, Wahala, Wahandi, Wahgah, Wahlah, Wahniwal or Bahniwal, Wahroka, Wahujah, Wains, Wairar, Wairsi, Wajar, Wajba, Wajla, Wajwarah, Walar, Wallerai, Walot, Wamak, Wanda, Wandar, Wanghaya, Wanjo, Wanwar, Warah, Waran, Warbhu, Warhe, Wark, Warya, Warye, Wasir, Wasli, Watarah, Wato, Welan, Wijhi, Wirk or Virk, Wulana. Seth means ‘banker or merchant’. Surnames in the punjab cut accross so many castes. They have strong beliefs and faith in Jagdish God and worship Jagannath Yatra with tremendous enthusiasm. It comes from the Sanskrit word vasu, which means ‘wealth, gem, and radiance’. She has his name. The names may denote a community, caste, profession, religion or place of birth. One fact says one thing, history says another. Varma is a surname common in North India. Kaur is used either as the final element of a personal name or as the last name. 5 million Sikh matrimony profiles on Shaadi. D: Dabb, Dadu, Dagar, Daha, Dahal, Dahalo, Dahamrai, Dahan, Dahang, Dahar, Dahawa, Dahba, Dahiya, Dahko, Dahloli, Daho, Dahon, Dahrala, Dahrija, Dal, Dalani, Dalo, Dammar, Dandi, Dandiwal, Danwar, Dargh, Daspal, Daul, Dehia, Deol, Deoania, Derija, Deswal, Dewala, Dewar, Dhadah, Dhakku, Dhalan, Dhali, Dhalon, Dhanda, Dhandsahar, Dhankar, Dhanoe, Dhanri, Dhar, Dhariwal, Dhasi, Dhaunchak, Dhed, Dher, Dhesi, Dhillon, Dhinsa, Dhol, Dhori, Dhotar, Dhudhi, Dhudi, Dihadrae, Dodi, Dolat or Dulhat, Domarah, Drigs, Dun, Dund Rai, Dusanj. The Agarwals are one of the most prominent mercantile communities of India. The culture of India is a way of life for millions of people living here. 10K – 100K 7.Kahlon Chabra is a Hindu and Sikh surname.

The surname Chauhan has an ancient prestige. List of All Top Jatt Surnames and Jaat Surnames Forgive me and I am extremely sorry to all as I know, it is against Sikhism to have castes but here I am going to give you some essential information about a list of surnames of Jatt and Top 10 Jatt surnames with caste ranking in Sikh, Punjab and some Jaat surnames listed below: They buckled down to take Punjab's cultivating to another dimension. Bedi is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘vedi’, which means ‘one who knows the Vedas’. It is the reduced form of the Sanskrit word ‘upadhaya’, which means teacher’. The Porwal Banias and Oswal have clans called Parekh. It is popular amongst mercantile communities. A: Anuja, Anwal, Arab, Arar, Atwal, Arya, Asar or Asra, Athangal, Aujla, Aulakh or Aurak, . Top 10 Jatt Surnames are as follow: 1.Bhullar Das is a Bengali surname. During these times it was only the Jatt community that held a surname and most often the surname was the village to which they belonged . It comes from an Arabic word ‘malik’, which means ‘king. I learn many new interesting things from the articles. There is a clan called Modi among the Oswal Banias. The Hooda government accepted the report and 10% quota w Russia Professional Football League Zone South league Table - live results, fixtures, statistics, current form, top scorers, squad, yellow cards.

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