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Looking for truck loads and great trucking tools to help you succeed? Only reason i keep it for weight stations if not would’ve deleted a long time ago. Used to be able to click on directions and it would open up maps and navigate you there. USE FREE VERSION ONLY, if you have a problem support won't respond let alone fix issue. Too easy. As a rookie driver in an unfamiliar area, this app has been the best thing that’s happened to me. This update is a major fail! I was almost thinking of trying a subscription until you removed one of the most important features I mentioned above. 5 emails to Them and one response that told me to reload the app.

The “lie” is pretending to be a customer... lame. Zero value customer service.. First off, a big thank you to the dev team for making search a little better in the new UI.

I have a weigh station coming up soon and was hoping to check it. Why can I no longer route to truck stops and other locations with Google Maps?! I said too much. I feel scammed.. Ive been trying to get into the app for both Trucker Path and Trucker Path Pro the Trucker Path kicks me out and The Pro one askin for username and password I dont know!!!!!!

Don’t know why, but ever since last app update. Very useful specially with the weight stations status. I had stopped using Trucker Path for the most part due to the previous bad update, but now I’m back. Finally got a response and the problem was solved. This is just maddening. The review section keeps saying no internet connection and doesn’t load reviews.

Opps,They are scammers, I reinstalled the app and lost the annual subscription!!! The following command was introduced: platform punt-police queue Now It’s not showing any option. No real trucking info.

Just updated 4pm mst 4-16-18. Open the app and planned a trip first route had me going onto a no truck highway not going to try this again. No navigation at all.I need old version of this app. Very accurate on the open and closed weigh stations! Pay for premium memberships? And forced advertising is BS, very distracting. Previously I had rated this app at 1 star because of an update that broke it. WalworthTrucking's Review of Trucker Path. Then when I opened it, the app ask for a truck name. PLEASE DEVELOP THAT ALARM IT WILL HELP ALL THE DRIVERS. With this version I can’t see a preview of my route. "Is there time on my clock to get there? People who update info seem heads up. If your looking for paid subscribers then you should say that’s what we get with it. This is an app for drivers to quickly and safely navigate to find safe and legal truck parking and services, not to p!#% people off and waste their time with bad UI and UX. Chicago has some low bridges. Figure out some way to keep scalemaster from playing on app. Please go back to the original version of letting me use Apple maps or google maps, the new system don’t even let you click on the address to copy and paste on to Apple maps or google maps, pleas go back, please !!!! Ne i80 lincoln scales, etc.

New upgrade is disgusting, pls bring everything back!!!

As a trucker driver, I use this app everyday! The only difference is I don’t see a parking update. The new update has ruined this app for me I’m at the point of considering to delete it!! The newer beta version is kludgy, time consuming, and simply has too many unnecessary “bells and whistles”. But today all the sudden i cant see nothing on the map no truck stops no weight station nothing. This app is constantly not allowing me to see the information on truckstops, weigh stations or rest areas. Map doesn’t center on my location. And fix the route issue.

The last version (3.3.1) is not working perfectly. How to Answer: What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses? It’s a great tool that all truckers should have. I downloaded this app because trucks are not ever permitted on “Parkways”. I can’t even open. It gives you miles away to a particular stop. This app has been very helpful and without it became a little difficult just wondering when the app will be back up and running, It doesn't open Thank you! Cat scales. It will route you down roads that will get you giant huge tickets if you bring your truck. This update has many problems and is very difficult to use. I have tried a few other apps for my trucking job. Important buttons especially on a GPS app aren’t supposed to disappear or move.

We use the Trucker App for traveling all over the Country, in our 40ft Class A. Developers are idiots. Wow !! high tec readneck's Review of Trucker Path, Worst app I have ever seen . Now I can’t view the app at all.

Find parking spots, Fuel, and weigh stations. After 5 or 6 restarts I might be able to click on a truck stop. 5/23/2018 update Lieutenant jr Malkom's Review of Trucker Path, My suggestion is to create a kind of buzzer or alarm what will let drivers to set it up on at selected weigh station ... AND when the status oF WS is changed from open to close alarm or notification will let the driver know ABOUT WS STATUS UPDATES Thanks, Now you can’t see comments, or restaurants, reviews. Not really what I was looking for! I was wondering if we were charged every month for using the app. Give me back $ 17 Thank you! It says one thing on the app and I pull up to find that it’s much higher... please update regularly.. I don't know what language the developers use to build, Swift or Objective C in X Code, or if it's built in another environment or language like Rust or something and then imported over, but either way, you don't have to know how to build complex connection algorithms or key word trees. love the app, it saved me a bunch of times. But if I enter a truck stop I want to go to y’all can tell me how far I am from it!!! The best feature is the ability to report the parking status of a truck stop or rest area. Now if they had a one time fee of say $3 - $4 to remove ads and get the night mode, I would do that but not a monthly reoccurring fee. Please fix. Please fix this because I rely on it a lot. This app is so valuable for me as a trucker I really appreciate it. Now it just uses a map within the app. I use it daily. The app itself is fine, but the free version is basically the same as the premium. Thx. This app is now useless!!!! new truck driver's Review of Trucker Path. Rand McNally has been putting mile markers in their Atlas’s even back in the 1970’s. 5++. My apologies,just updated the app. But I have a huge complaint that frustrates me daily. Don’t purchase the paid version, eventually you won’t get what you paid for and zero support. Best PDF edit program's Review of Trucker Path, I use this app multiple times a day. Mileage distance to places???? If someone doesn’t like the cussing, they don’t need to read the reviews. Would be nice if this app show like They are all showing up gray. Reporting the parking status of truck stops is my favorite feature, Great app for weigh stations and truck stops, This App is Trash Only Gave one star because I had to put something. Not happy.

The app no longer opens with your location and requires you to find yourself in the sea of icons. It just doesn’t make sense. Or make green go from 1/2 to empty. It’s very very badly!!!!! Why can’t we get routing from the app anymore please fix it so it’s easier to use. I have deleted and reinstalled the app three times today in an attempt to get back to the original version. I use this app every day and like it very much so please fix it. It is clean, minimal, and offers a very expedient means of attaining necessary information. It always saves me when I’m bout to run out of hours.

There’s only one thing this app is missing that would make it the ultimate truckers best friend! 123Loadboard.com’s load board app helps professional truck drivers find loads and freight to haul throughout the U.S. and Canada. The route path line disappears every time a scale or truck stop status pop up appears. Nice app, I can tell you that.

No way to opt out og the app. Works then doesn’t. Extremely helpful. I bought the premium package or 17.99 a year,everything works ok I guess but I still can’t get the night option to work.everytimei click to unlock it it sends me to purchase page.Whats wrong,I’ve done messaged support about it,all they did was send out a report on what the app would work on and the version,I have the latest of everything.? reviews not showing says no inet The buttons freaking RUN AWAY from the user’s fingers when seconds are precious and traffic waiting behind is beeping their horns and flashing their lights. Every few minutes says I'll be turning in 0.1 miles, even if it's in 220.. Have to exit navigation and restart to fix. There is no way to view details of route options. MacroPoint automatically communicates arrival, departure & location to partners. Thanks, Update 2.6.8 not working on iPhone 7+ it just crashes. Love the app!!!! Uninstallled app and reinstalled. Amazing how you destroyed it. Flatbed truck driver's Review of Trucker Path, I love the new update with the slider for how much parking is left so that it’s not as much of a guess which one to select. Moreover It’s not even navigating , when you press the directions button. Really needs work. Pay the extra money to upgrade, its worth it, So I'm back otr and using this app. It’s a pain to try to find out what’s near you now. Not happy. I use Trucker Path all the time! Needs an update or it’s worthless, I see that there is now a premium version for $1.99 a month.

Although they make some questionable features, you truckers and rvs need to give them credit for listening and responding swiftly! I have found info updated as soon as 10, 6 & 2 minutes ago (they list the last 3 updates) by other truckers. I have been working at Trucker Path full-time for more than 3 years.

I would love for it to go back to the way it was before the changes. What raises my blood pressure about new developers is how they have convinced themselves that they know best and will refuse to acknowledge user hostile UI or UX and will wait until users leave the platform before finally addressing what should have never been broken in the first place, or they lazily refuse to stop working on that one bug from the one user who they got a crash in the log from and wait a million releases before fixing the UI. The support team is awesome to work with. After the new update the app is back and running!

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