He won the Photoplay Award for Most Popular Male Star for three consecutive years, from 1962 to 1964. Dr. Kildare (along with an ABC medical drama, Ben Casey, which premiered at the same time) inspired or influenced many later TV shows dealing with the medical field. Who played Dr Kildare?

While in England, he took vocal coaching and in 1969 performed the title role in Hamlet for the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, becoming the first American to play the role there since John Barrymore in 1925. In 2008 and 2009, he appeared as King Arthur in the national tour of Monty Python's Spamalot.

Didn't seem to hurt his career", "Wesley Eure: "I Got Fired From DAYS for Being Gay, "Chamberlain is selling home on Maui for $19M", "Richard Chamberlain's Maui Home Listed for $19 Million", "At 80, Richard Chamberlain Is Ready to Speak Volumes", The Interviews: An Oral History of Television, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Richard_Chamberlain&oldid=984003384, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Episode: "The Face on the Bar Room Floor", "Rome Will Never Leave You" (1964) – US #99, "He Danced With Me/She Danced With Me" (1976), "Haleakala: How Maui Snared The Sun (Tone Poem) (1991), composed by Dan Welcher, performed with the Honolulu Symphony", This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 15:49. News Brief (mentioning test film for new "Dr. Kildare" TV series starring Lew Ayres and Joseph Cronin), TV Guide, Feb. 20, 1960. As the impeccably handsome Dr. Kildare, the slim, butter-haired hunk with the near-perfect Ivy-League charm and smooth, intelligent demeanor, had the distaff fans fawning unwavering over him throughout the series' run. [31] The episode was initially meant to air as an episode of Dr. Kildare, but was instead reworked to cut out Chamberlain and Massey's parts and remove all Kildare and Gillespie references before airing on October 3, 1962 as the debut episode of The Eleventh Hour TV series, entitled "Ann Costigan: A Duel on a Field of White. For the pulp fiction, film, radio, comic and television character, see. [18] This led to a civil union in the state of Hawaii, where the couple resided from 1986 to 2010 and during which time Chamberlain legally adopted Rabbett to protect his future estate. [15], Chamberlain was outed as a gay man at the age of 55 by the French women's magazine Nous Deux in December 1989, but it was not until 2003 that he confirmed his homosexuality in his autobiography Shattered Love: A Memoir. [4][6], The series was initially formatted as self-contained one-hour episodes, aired once per week. Chamberlain's singing ability also led to some hit singles in the early 1960s, including the "Theme from Dr. Kildare", titled "Three Stars Will Shine Tonight", which struck No. Produced by MGM Television, it was based on fictional doctor characters originally created by author Max Brand in the 1930s and previously used by MGM in a popular film series and radio drama. Chamberlain later appeared in several popular television mini-series (earning him a nickname of "King of the Mini-Series"),[11] including Centennial (1978–79), Shōgun (1980), and The Thorn Birds (1983) as Father Ralph de Bricassart with Rachel Ward and Barbara Stanwyck co-starring. In 1984, he won a Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV for: The Thorn Birds (1983). Dr. Kildare is an NBC medical drama television series which originally ran from September 28, 1961, until August 30, 1966, for a total of 191 episodes over five seasons. A member of the Barrymore acting family, he was best known to modern audiences for his performance as Mr. Potter in the classic Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life. [13] Chamberlain has also appeared in several episodes of Brothers & Sisters, playing an old friend and love-interest of Saul's.

Instead, the time demands of appearing in a multiple-season hit series prevented Massey from appearing in any films for the duration of the series' run. In the series' third episode, "Shining Image," Gillespie tells the earnest Kildare, "Our work is to keep people alive. Asked by Wiki User 7 8 9 Answer Top Answer Anonymous Answered 2020-06-08 02:42:27 2020-06-08 02:42:27 Richard chamberlain 1 0 0 0 … [4] According to Mort Fleischmann, a former promotions executive for NBC, at one point the network promoted the show by having "Dr. Kildare" paged as if he were a real doctor on the public announcement system in airports, train stations, and bus stations across the United States. [16][17] In 2006, Chamberlain reprised the Kildare role in a parody of Grey's Anatomy (along with other famous TV doctors from Julia, St. Gillespie. He starred as Henry Higgins in the 1993–1994 Broadway revival of My Fair Lady. While this would appear to be a dream situation for any new ... Another By the third season, Dr. Kildare was promoted to resident and episodes began to focus less on him and his medical colleagues, and more on the stories of individual patients and their families. The unaired 1960 pilot episode starring Lew Ayres was also released on DVD by Warners as an extra included with the DVD release of their "Dr. Kildare Movie Collection" (compiling all the MGM Kildare films) via Warner Archive Collection in 2014. Looking for something to watch? [5] Produced by MGM Television, it was based on fictional doctor characters originally created by author Max Brand in the 1930s and previously used by MGM in a popular film series and radio drama. George Richard Chamberlain (born March 31, 1934) is an American actor and singer, who became a teen idol in the title role of the television show Dr. Kildare (1961–1966). Episodes about venereal disease (personally requested by President Lyndon B. Johnson) and the birth control pill were written, but never produced due to network objections. As the impeccably handsome Dr. Kildare, the slim, butter-haired hunk with the near-perfect Ivy-League charm and smooth, intelligent demeanor, had the distaff fans fawning unwavering over him throughout the series' run. [13][14] Later, a second, successful pilot was made with Richard Chamberlain as Kildare and Raymond Massey as Gillespie. [3][4][5][6] In 1952, Chamberlain graduated from Beverly Hills High School and later attended Pomona College (class of 1956). The album also includes music from the original unaired 1960 pilot adapted by Alexander Courage from Bronislau Kaper's theme for The Power and the Prize, and Richard Chamberlain's recording of "Three Stars Will Shine Tonight.". Episodes frequently highlighted diseases or medical conditions that had not been widely discussed on television, including drug addiction, sickle cell anemia and epilepsy. In 1962, Chamberlain won the Golden Apple Award for Most Co-Operative Actor.

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