After Cary Stayner's arrest, Lenna said FBI agents contacted her mother. Cary Stayner had a tough childhood before he made his move to Cedar Lodge, where he'd eventually unleash a rage that had been simmering for years, according to people close to him. mother: Kay Stayner.,, Steven Gregory Stayner was born on April 18, 1965 in Merced, California, to Delbert and Kay Stayner. "I knew both of them. I think my mom might donate something,' " Stayner told authorities years later. He was like a happy part of our life. [28][29], In early 1989, a television miniseries based on his experience, I Know My First Name is Steven (also known as The Missing Years), was produced. But why doesn't my dad hug me anymore? [15] Mathias later claimed to have been completely unaware that "Dennis" had, in fact, been kidnapped. However, he was not charged for sexual assault as the prosecutors believed they were 'protecting' Stayner from the social stigma of male sexual abuse.

On February 14, 1980, Parnell and a teenage friend of Stayner's named Randall Sean Poorman kidnapped five-year-old Timothy White in Ukiah.

It was very, very close.". Parnell shifted from one place to another for work, often took Stayner with him, but later sometimes left him alone and unguarded. Steven Stayner, Who Escaped 7-Year Captivity, Dead In Crash September 17, 1989 GMT ″He sure led a rough life,″ California Highway Patrol Sgt. ... My mom went off the deep end, and um, harbors a lot of guilt. On September 17, 1989, he succumbed to head injuries after being involved in a car accident while returning home from work in his motorcycle. [9] Parnell began raping Stayner thirteen days later, on December 17, 1972. And uh, such a happy part that turned into such a dark part of our life," she said. He continued working at the lodge and living on the premises. "Then you have Steven Stayner get kidnapped, and then he comes back and gets killed in a motorcycle accident. According to the book, “I Know My First Name is Steven,” by Mike Echols, Parnell molested Stayner the first night in the cabin. However, the young boy could not take advantage of those opportunities as he was reportedly unaware how to summon help. Cause of Death: Accident. "Cary still didn't talk to anyone about Steven. He did his own thing. "If his dying would bring these people back, I'd say do it," she said. I heard stories about him going out and wishing on a star, that his brother would come home. He was eventually apprehended at a nudist colony two hours north of Yosemite. The title of the TV series and the book on Steven Stayner, 'I Know My First Name is Steven', was inspired by a line in his official police statement given after being rescued. [17] Both children were reunited with their families that day. It was always with him, like a woman carries a purse," Lenna said. The obvious question is whether what happened to Steven caused Cary to do what he did," Flynn said. And now this. "It's very disturbing. Sometimes I blame myself. Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. And let everyone know that it's OK to still have feelings about it.". He was sentenced to seven years but was paroled after serving five.[18][19]. [8], Parnell molested Stayner the first night at the cabin.

On trial for his life, Stayner sat just a few feet away. ... My sister and I would be walking up the driveway and we’d see Cary Stayner coming up in his Scout, and jump in the truck and he’d give us a ride up to our house," she said. The boy was asked if he wanted to donate something to a church. "I knew he was kinda weird, but I never knew he would get to that level of actually murdering anyone.".

He was convicted of both boys’ kidnappings and sentenced to seven years in prison– five of which he served. He was mocked at school, which caused him to drop out, and after he began drinking more often, he was kicked out of his parental house.

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