But no, the big bad we're introducing next year is not Brother Adrian. The artifacts react with electricity and can be neutralized by immersion in a mysterious purple goo or placed inside a neutralizing reflective bag both produced by Global Dynamics, a research laboratory from Warehouse 13's sister show, Eureka. Do you play an instrument? Kenny is repped by UTA and Myman Greenspan; Goodman is repped by the Brant Rose Agency and Myman Greenspan. We learn something new about each character, we learn something intense in them, we learn something that broadens them and expands them and just makes us love them all the more. We even see Leena again.”. It will return for its third season on July 11. Wells. As they go about their assignments to retrieve missing artifacts and investigate reports of new ones, they come to understand the importance of what they are doing. There were no Regents when I came on. She's spoken at events like Geek Girl Con, New York Comic Con, and Comic Book City Con, wants to get a Batwoman tattoo and write a graphic novel, and one of her canine teeth is in backwards. If we brought back everyone who died, death starts to mean nothing. Since Syfy needs a ratings giant to remain in business, it cannot retain middling series which don’t pull in the viewers. It may be that Warehouse 13 was designed to end in its fifth season, and these final six episodes are truly its intended swan song. Terms of Use | Take these things into account and you'll understand my answer to this rhetorical question: @wilw Monday viewers #Alphas=1.39Mil, #warehouse13=1.82Mil, #Eureka=1.87Mil. Too bad it was after he murdered a beloved W13 character and unleashed a possible worldwide plague. Agents of Warehouse 13 in particular were chosen either for their above-average intelligence (Artie is an expert NSA codebreaker, Myka has an eidetic memory and a wealth of encyclopedic knowledge, Claudia and H.G. And, while the writers and producers didn't have the time to do all that they would have liked, he doesn't believe fans will be disappointed. But amidst all of that, they have to deal with the loss of Leena, and with what the future holds.

"[32] IGN reviewer Ramsey Isler gave the pilot a positive review, but felt that it was not enough to give Syfy "a chance to once again boast the best sci-fi show on TV. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Lacey Rose By Kyle Hembree May 17, 2013 Since 2009, Warehouse 13 has offered a quirkier alternative to the darker science fiction serials offered by the Syfy network.

The Hollywood Reporter is part of MRC Media and Info, a division of MRC. “It was very important to me that it be a real sendoff for our regulars, that they get a nice, satisfying goodbye with each other, for each other, for the fans, for the show. The Syfy network has officially decided that the quirky science-fiction procedural 'Warehouse 13' will end after its next season in 2014. The characters, I heard their voices in my head. Egypt's Ptolemaic rulers appointed a group of people, known as the Regents, to oversee the warehouse and act as its first "agents" and collectors of artifacts. I think the bottomless pit of stories for Warehouse 13 could go on forever,” said Kenny in an exclusive interview with Blastr. [3][8][9][10] It is located in a barren landscape in South Dakota, and they initially regard the assignment as punishment. TNT did the same thing with Leverage. Or deal with the spoilers and don't blame us. The first time you held your firstborn son.' Warehouse 13 is the most watched original series in the cable net's history with an average of 3.4 million viewers tuning in last season. Do not read this interview with Warehouse 13 executive producer Jack Kenny until you have watched last night's mid-season finale. TV Guide Magazine: Why did you decide kill Genelle Williams' Leena? by Kenny: The arc of the series has always been Pete and Myka decide to take this job, find out if they like it, if they like each other, Claudia joins them, it becomes sort of a family, the family gets even tighter, they start to care for each other, and then are visited by various tragedies...ones that any family is visited by. Wells, as written by her brother. Twitter: @LaceyVRose. There's a musical, there's Fantastic Voyage, there's a ninja housewife fight, we go back to the 1940s officers' club.

Fortunately, the show will get a fifth season to wrap itself up. The project comes months after Kenny, who is an executive producer as well as showrunner on the original Warehouse, signed a development deal with producer Universal Cable Productions. Saul loved playing classical music, so Artie loved playing classical music, because when you can bring an actor's love to the character, it's just more real. “But all good things ... unlike many, many shows, most that I've worked on, we actually got to end it. We've got a story where Pete, Myka and Artie fall into a telenovela,” said Kenny. Warehouse 13 has received seven 2012 Portal Award nominations, including best television series, best actor (Eddie McClintock), best actress (Joanne Kelly), best supporting actor (Saul Rubinek), best supporting actress (Allison Scagliotti), best special guest (Jaime Murray as Helena G. Wells), and best episode ("Emily Lake"). Does not contain season 2 episode 13 "Secret Santa". That's the big emotional arc that's happening in the beginning. About Our Ads Canceled … Executive produced by Jack Kenny, the one-hour drama starring Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly is … Or to keep it anonymous, click here. “We are grateful to the loyal and passionate fan base and know that Jack Kenny, his gifted creative team, and outstanding ensemble cast will give them an amazing finale season.”.

It lands because Eddie knows that. EMAIL ME. TV Guide Magazine: This is a pretty heavy turn of events. Like Comic-Con. Episode 6, "Burnout", drew 4.4 million viewers, setting the record for Syfy's highest rated show.

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TV Guide Magazine: You seem to have triggered a global threat for the team with this Chinese Orchid situation. I wrote it all up and I sent it in to Syfy and I said, 'What do you guys think of this?' Email us. The warehouse was designed by Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and M. C. Escher, while the warehouse's expansion joints were created by Albert Einstein.[18]. Kenny: We kind of are.

“One of the very first things we did in the series was I had all the actors come in one at a time and sit with the writers and tell us, 'What do you like? After more than 50 episodes, fans will have to say goodbye to their favorite team of artifact-hunting agents in a season made up of only six episodes. Originally, artifacts are items connected to some historical or mythological figure or event. Do you sing? Once retrieved and neutralized, the objects are stored in Warehouse 13, the latest in a line of storehouses with infinite capacity that have served this purpose for millennia. Spoiler Alert! The only characters were Pete, Myka and Artie. You can feel when Artie sits at the piano, he's not just diddling some prop they've got thrown into the scene. On May 16, 2013, Syfy renewed the series for a six-episode fifth and final season,[30] which aired its series finale on May 19, 2014. Or deal with the spoilers and don't blame us. Here's the Eureka/Warehouse 13 crossover you asked for. EXCLUSIVE: Warehouse 13's chief talks the show's end and why 'we got to do it right' Do not read this interview with Warehouse 13 executive producer Jack Kenny until you have watched last night's mid-season finale. Executive-produced by Jack Kenny and David Simkins, the dramatic comedy from […]

A one-stop shop for all things video games. The Beauty and Pain of Love and Immortality in, Things We Saw Today: Joe Biden Uses Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” and 2002 Me Is Screaming, Trailer for Shonda Rhimes’ Beautiful, Inclusive. While Warehouse 13 was popular among Syfy regulars, it didn’t pull in new viewers, especially in the demographics which programmers are trying attract. And Pete dealt with all of that. Fear The Walking Dead's [SPOILER] Is Its Saddest Since Season 3, 90 Day Fiancé: Why Kalani & Asuelu Should Never Have Gotten Married, Game Of Thrones: Cersei Is Gendry's Mother Theory Explained, Married At First Sight: Amani Spills on Spending ‘Forever’ With Woody, TMNT: Last Ronin Reveals The Last Turtle Left is [SPOILER], When Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Christmas Event Starts, Hannibal Showrunner Feels Season 1 Compromised His Vision Of The Show, Every Netflix Christmas Movie Releasing In 2020, Carl Weathers Teases A Greef Karga Plot Twist in The Mandalorian Season 2, Pokémon HOME May Charge More For Legendary, Shiny Pokémon GO Transfers, Tom Holland Makes Special Spider-Man Video For Young Heart Transplant Patient, Cobra Kai Theory: Season 3 Will Follow Karate Kid 2 (With Johnny), Raised By Wolves: Every Clue To Mother's Baby Twist, Live-Action Spider-Verse Art Imagines Spider-Man Noir in the MCU, The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda Breakout Scene Comes To PS4's Dreams, The Boys' Billy Butcher Carves Up A Wicked Halloween Pumpkin, The Mandalorian Season 2 Is Right To Hold Back On Baby Yoda, Star Trek: The Borg Tried To Stop First Contact... Because Of Doctor Who, Star Trek Brings Back The Enterprise Era's Earth Name.

Some are not: Lizzie Borden had a mirrored compact that today compels users to kill their loved ones with an axe; Marilyn Monroe owned a brush that now turns its user's hair platinum blonde, which Myka once used on herself while under the influence of W. C. Fields' juggling balls that induce drunkenness and blackouts. The series follows U.S. Secret Service Agents Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) and Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) when they are assigned to the secretive Warehouse 13 for supernatural artifacts. Right there with you.

Wells, there's one thing the heroes of Warehouse 13 can't escape: network cancellation. In episode 1 of season 3, Steve Jinks (Aaron Ashmore), an Agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives comes aboard. [1][2] Described as "part The X-Files, part Raiders of the Lost Ark and part Moonlighting",[3] the show had Jack Kenny and David Simkins as executive producers. [31] With 3.5 million viewers, it was also Syfy's third best premiere ever, behind Stargate Atlantis (2004) and Eureka (2006). Already truncated to just six episodes, the series will officially end in 2014. TV Guide Magazine: What does the future hold? [3] Jace Alexander eventually directed a revised version written by Espenson, Mote, and Blade: The Series executive producer David Simkins. EW reports that Warehouse 13's fifth season will be its last. Do you hate to dance?

Have a tip or story idea? Syfy is really becoming less sci-fi and more drek…

[14][15], The next move brought the warehouse to South Dakota in the United States. Extended, Deleted and Alternate Scenes, Gag Reel, Erica Cerra and Niall Matter who work together on, This page was last edited on 27 September 2020, at 01:26. I wanted to end it with our people. [26] Season 2 began July 6, 2010.

The series is still pulling in decent numbers for the network (though its week-to-week ratings have fluctuated this season). “Warehouse 13 has been an incredible signature series for us,” said Syfy President of Original Content Mark Stern. They still have their day-to-day "snag it, bag it, tag it" [cases]. tips@themarysue.com. Eagle Scout. Warehouse agents are provided by the host country of the warehouse, in this case from various government agencies (such as the Secret Service, FBI, ATF, CDC, and DEA, etc.).

Goodman, who-wrote the script, is in negotiations with UCP to produce the spin-off if it moves forward. Except every week in your inbox. Triumphs and tragedies. TV Guide ranks Peak TV's finest offerings, Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now.

I’m half expecting Warehouse 13 to suddenly get cancelled, too. Warehouse 13 was part of Syfy's developing shared fictional universe, with several characters crossing over between series: Warehouse 13 did import characters from other TV series, but would often cast pairs of actors who had worked together on other series as single-episode characters.

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