It is important for us to ensure that your personal information is protected when using our services. Therefore, your privacy is processed and stored in connection with use of the website with utmost care. Our policy will be updated continuously so please stay updated with our privacy policy when using our website.

The personal data that we collect

We will collect the personal data you are submitting to us when filling out details you take an active part in. This data may include information from when you are signing in to our newsletter, making a purchase or any other purpose in relation to our website. To make your shopping experience better we will collect data such as contact information, payment information or your traffic information. For this purpos e we use cookies and pixel-tags.

For what reason do we use your personal data

For example we may use your personal data to manage your account and to process your order on our website. Furthermore we use data to give you an update on your orders or returns but also to make your shopping experience more personal by using it for mapping out present movements. If you have signed in to our newsletter we will use your personal data to provide you with relevant marketing offers and special events.

How we use cookies

Cookies are some small text -files that are stored on your computer and used to identify your IP-address when you visit our website. We use cookies to enhance the quality of your overall services and for analytics and advertising. We do not store yo ur personal information but your cookies are automatically erased when you shut down your browser.

What services do we use in relation to your personal data

We use services such as cookies to customize content, advertising, to follow up on marketing campaigns and to analyze traffic to our site. The personal information w store will not be sold or used for any purpose other than to make sure that you will get the best possible service during your visit on our website. This sometimes requires specific thir d-party technologies such as Google and Facebook that we use to give you the above -mentioned service.

How to avoid cookies

You can always choose to opt-out and erase your cookies from your computer or other devices by changing your browser settings. This allows you to refuse the use of cookies, but please note that if you choose to deactivate cookies while using our website, if will have an impact on your shopping experience.

This text was last edited on 01/01-2020